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You are struggling with doubt and worth. You are having a hard time loving yourself- Breaking the barriers of self-doubt and knowing your worth. Discovering authentic ways to love yourself and facing your obstacles and challenges head on.


You are struggling with depression or feeling sad and sorry for yourself. You are unhappy and dissatisfied with all or many areas of your life and you want to become free from confusion and live your life with no worries. You want to get unstuck and laser F.O.C.U.S. on what you desire and have a passion for in life.


Living a mediocre lifestyle is not for you anymore, you want OUT. You want to venture out and try something NEW. You want to become a leader, gain courage to go, speak and grow, and come out of your shell of shyness. You want to overcome fear and face it head on.

Conquer Your Confidence

Group Signature Program Deets


You asked what is this group program?

It's where 7-10 women sign up for group coaching through achieving their personal goals, overcoming barriers that have hindered them from moving forward in life, one would like to ultimately improve in areas of their life, and set and stick to new priorities in their life. You will experience live group coaching calls, where group members listen and share. It's a series of courses that are released each month to all group members.
This group program is personalized to each individual's needs, wants, and desires. The program offers the option of 1:1 coaching as well.
Which we will continue to dig deeper outside of the group discussions to get your needs met in the program. We will provide resources on relevant topics, weekly emails with the latest trends and tips, You will have your own program holds you accountable for what you would like to accomplish!

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Refresh, RESTORE, RENEW YOU Women’s Retreat 3 day retreat!
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 2 times/year.
More INFO coming SOON!