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Mastering The 4X Method tO a Successful YOU!

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Mastering Your 4X Method by Mastering Your Journey to Success-For Boss Moms/Mom Queens

Each week you ‘the client’ will take the time to evolve into who you are becoming. You will start your blueprint and by the end of your 6 weeks working with me, you should start to see a shift in your NEW ROAD-MAP! Progress not perfection: Commit to being true to yourself and everything will fall in place. One Small Win at a Time! 

Phase 1-4: Mastering the 4 Es


You need a turbo boost in your life and things have shifted gears. You want to get down to the nitty gritty of why you are feeling stuck, unhappy and dissatisfied with life and the direction it’s going. You want a way out, but you have tried to google how to become happier, fulfilled and satisfied in life. You have taken courses and have worked with other coaches or gotten advice from someone you may know and continue to feel hopeless and helpless.

To drive success, you must be confident in who you are becoming. You must know that you are more than enough and know that you are worth more than you think. By kicking the doubt, fear, and worries to the sideline will help you free up some unnecessary space to evolve and conquer your confidence with no problem. You want to walk with your head held high and own who you are becoming so that you can love yourself and the life you’re creating with confidence. 

You want to master your blueprint.


Week 1-Evaluate

Preparing Yourself


Week 2-Evolve

Shifting your mindset and vision it with confidence


Week 3-Empower

The New Agenda

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Week 4-Embrace

Go for the gold- Create your “NEW” (Next Exciting Win)


Live your life through your D.R.E.A.M.S.

Action Plan- Define, Resolve, Evolve, Act NOW, Mindset, Step into


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