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We are a service-based business and client-centered. We meet our clients where they are currently in life and we help them gain clarity on life and give them a blueprint that will turbo boost their confidence and outline their goals for their life. We provide an array of services… Group Signature Coaching Programs AND 1:1 Intensives, Personal Development Course, Free 7-day Level UP Your Confidence Challenge, Free Facebook Community and Business TEAM Building Workshops for Non-profits and For-Profits. We conduct Live Transformation Workshops that are intimate and intensive. All workshops, programs, e-course, challenges, etc will be in detailed too follow….

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What We've Achieved

    Help individuals set and stick to new goals by shaking in bounce and shaking out wrinkles. 
    Provided a 5 week intensive workshop for springing into a new you with a Non profit organization.
    Featured on iworshop96.com radio station the Dr. Ira Show- Spoke on Vision Boards and Mindset 
    Have been apart of a few podcast interviews to date. 
    Help Individuals gain self-awareness, build self-esteem and turbo boost their confidence to thrive in all areas of life. 
    Nominate The Queen- Kindle Coming Soon
    Nominate The Queen: Ebook- How To Find Happiness While On An Imperfect Journey to Evolve with Purpose
    Published a Build Your Self-esteem SIS Ebook 
    Published a Forgive for YOU ebook
    Conducted my first Visionary Workshop Series September 2019
    Published my first online e course inn 2018
    Obtained my MS in Administration of Human Services in 2018
    Obtained my BS in Behavioral Science 2015
    Published my First book in 2015 The Measures Of Hate and Love 

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

~ Jonathan Swift

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