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8 Week- Group Coaching Progam


Conquer Your Confidence is our group program that has the option and benefit of extra and ongoing support. (I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to share that with you) But let’s dive into what this program is and why it will help you. I’m sure you want to know if this program is the right one for you… Well, you can determine that for yourself! 
Do we fit together like Peanut butter and jelly, or maybe cheese and crackers? Which by the way are my two favorite snacks to munch on…Okay so the jokes on me… let’s get serious for a second... or two… Okay, maybe a few minutes. 
The lack of confidence is a distraction that prevents you from getting to your end goals in life. Confidence plays a major part in your growth process, professionally and personally. It can be damaging if you have a lack of self-confidence. You may doubt yourself or feel that you are helpless and hopeless. “When in doubt take another route”. You may not be bold enough to stand up for what you believe to be right or believe you can do. Self-worth is another one that requires confidence. You must know your worth and live up to it. Your journey looks different from mine and hers because you took a different route. You're focused on a different outcome. You wanted to see the manifestation of changing your mindset so that you can thrive in life and be the best version of yourself. 
How would you feel about changes and shifts in your life that you desire and deserve? Our programs are geared around the client-centered approach where we focus solely on meeting you “the client” where you are currently and help you master your journey to your life. The process focuses specifically on personal desires, self-awareness, and discovering the full effects of conquering your confidence in these areas so that you can love yourself and the life you are creating. 

This Program Is Broken Down Into Processes

The action plan will be created so that you ’the client’ will envision what your future looks like and make it realistically achievable.
You will align your truth from your past to with your values of the present so that you pinpoint what is stopping you from personal growth. You will discover building self-esteem, turbo boosting your confidence levels, gain self-love and self-awareness.
You will identify who you are becoming so that you can Master Your 4 Es of Life. Gain understanding that where you are now is not where you will stay. You will connect your heart and mind to your passions for your D.R.E.A.M.S and Vision that you desire to be fulfilled in your life.

Is This Program For You?


What If I Told You I Can Help You Get To Where You Need To And Desire To Be With Confidence


I will help you identify the things that are holding you back from living your best life. You will identify barriers, blockages, and breakdown the walls that limit you from leveling up your confidence so that you can create your SMART goals and start F.O.C.U.S. 


Together we will breakdown each barrier and Evaluate the emotions behind them and create an action plan to rediscover your truth so that you can gain full alignment to your purpose and who you are becoming.


You will focus on Evolving into the best version of YOU


You will discover your superpowers through Empowerment and apply them to become the necessary action steps that will help you conquer your confidence so that you can truly thrive in life with positive energies. 


You will Embrace the real and transformed you. Doing the work will allow you to Conquer Your Confidence with ease

My role- as your confidence coach I will help you become unstoppable in setting realistic goals that align with your vision for life. I will provide support, encouragement, motivation, and become your biggest cheerleader. I will hold you accountable- all the way accountable and will pull you back up when you fall. I concentrate on “one small win at a time.” I will not allow you to feel self-doubt or feel sorry for yourself in any way. I will always give you credit where it's due because you will gain the courage to put your best foot forward and conquer your confidence no matter the cost.

You must be willing to put in the work!

I am not guaranteeing You Results by taking my program...  BUT Here are the Results= putting in the work, believing you can achieve it and trusting the process that you will achieve what you believe. You want to overcome self-doubt, fear, and guilt or even feeling stuck, frustrated or confused about life. You want to put yourself first and avoid listening to others who try to dictate you and or your life. You want to level up in life so that you can thrive a become successful.  
 The commitment: Are you committed to yourself? You want to be true to yourself and move forward in life so that you can live your best life at ease. One that you desire and deserve to live. You are yearning for something different and looking to continue to figure this thing out until you are satisfied, happy and fulfilled with the best decisions you have ever made for your life.


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