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I’m Nakiya! Hey, y'all Hey!!! Confidence Coach for Boss Moms- Queens


Leading boss moms from doubt, fear, and frustration to gratification and alignment where you will turbo-boost your confidence to sharpen your mindset become an action taker, and follow through so that you can get clarity, stay consistent and committed to YOU so that you can LEVEL UP for your "NEW" NEXT EXCITING WIN- in your life!

❖ Discover how to assess and plan through your barriersto level up❖ Discover the steps that are put in place for you to actNOW specifically in order❖ Discover how to forgive yourself and move forward❖ Discover how to create purpose❖ Discover how to set your goals and become an actiontaker!Guide
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To help women who are frustrated with life, gain self-awareness and alignment. To provide strategies and techniques to women who are unhappy with themselves and the direction their life is taking, set and stick to new priorities so that they can love themselves and the life they are creating. To reach those who struggle with low self-esteem, happiness, self-love, confidence and moving forward in their current mindset. We help them evolve with a purpose to live a happier and satisfied life no matter what level they are on in their lives. We also provide a creative technique to help get them clarity on their S.M.A.R.T. Goals. Provide a teachable, coachable, learning, hands on-related and personable experience as well as a guide to our clients. To uplift, motivate, and enlighten passionate individuals as they put their best foot forward and strive to be the best they can be. We also provide a supportive platform that helps individuals create an actionable plan to focus on reigniting their passions for life and following a blueprint that we provide that is personalized to our clients’ needs.


To encourage, empower, and embrace women so that they can evolve to reach their greatest potential in life. Helping women build self-esteem and turbo boost their confidence so they can thrive and move forward to live their best life possible.

To fall down is not a state of mind to stay down but a drive for determination to get back up and prosper.

~ Nakiya Tate

Become the most Successful You!


Ready to take the next step? You can Conquer Your Confidence and Evolve with Purpose.


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You will focus on gaining self-awareness and self-discovery by turbo boosting your confidence to become the best version of yourself.
Are you ready to Commit and Connect to Yourself?
Are you ready to Complete what you start?
Are you truly ready to INVEST in yourself so that you can ultimately live the life you desire and deserve with confidence.

Master The 4X Method and Conquer your Confidence so that you can evolve into who you are becoming.

Are you ready to put your past behind you and break the barriers and blockages that have hindered you from moving forward in life. Motivating the madness, and shifting your mindset will allow you to focus on the things you need for your life. You must be the change you want to see… Get in touch with me! You are a whole lotta awesomeness. Always remember that part!! :-)